The next club meeting will be at 8pm Thursday 11th January 2018 at The Searles Club, Fareham, PO14 1TU.

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Fly And Ride

Getting your motorcycle to your tour destination can be a real chore when it’s really the routes near your destination you want to ride.

So let us do the hard work for you and transport your motorcycle to an airport near your destination so that you can take the easy way there and fly!?

Fly and Ride specialise in motorcycle transport to Europe. We transport motorcycles from our Gatwick depot overland to Nice and Malaga enabling you to take a flight to these destinations from where you can go touring to explore the Alps, French Riviera, Italy, Andalucía and Morocco.

Please note, due to the closure of Searles Club the monthly meetings will be at a different location but on the same day, the first Thursday of every month:

Our new temporary meeting place is now the:

Cob & Pen,
1 Walllington Shore Rd,
PO16 8SL

Please note this may change sometime in the future.


Please note that even thought the committee has stepped down our monthly meetings happening on the first Thursday of every month and are still being well attended.

If you have anything that you wish to to share with the centre then please email it to the webmaster at:


or by telephone

07474 805190

(Please note that this is not a personal number and is NOT manned 24/7, so please text or leave a message)

A must have for rallies maybe.

Now being sold in the UK at the Range

Click here for the Range


Places to visit: The Barge Inn - Wiltshire

Scotland's answer to Route 66

North Coast 500 - Does Scotland's Route 66 live up to the hype.

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